Your role on social media

At a time when the call of Islam witnesses a remarkable influx and Islam takes the lead as the fastest spreading religion in the world;
its haters gather all possible doubts to deter people from the religion of Allah and prevent them from seeing the light.
Social media platforms are an effective means to counter their aggression and defend Islam.
This task requires hearts elevated by their faith, willing to bear their responsibility, and adorned with patience and good preparation.
So blessed are those whom Allah uses to elevate His word.

On social media, you are not here for leisure!
Either you are a preacher, or you are a warrior, and you either contribute to the ranks of preachers and warriors, raising the voice of truth with your presence, or you are not fulfilling the duty of a Muslim who hopes for the mercy of his Lord.

Do not underestimate the impact of words and their influence in this space!
Let your presence here be an excuse to Allah and a testimony for you, not against you. Strengthen the faith by inviting to the religion of Allah as conveyed by His Prophet, peace be upon him, and by fostering a sense of proper etiquette. Every reformist idea and every righteous deed will bear witness for you on the Day of Meeting with Allah, the Almighty.

When I see the pages of Christians, Jews, and every sect that propagates their false and misguided beliefs, characterized by wickedness and their determination to continue spreading their corruption, a sense of responsibility intensifies and the weakness of trust fades away. Alongside the duty of upholding the word of God, there is also the duty of keeping the symbols of truth prominent, and the beacons of Islam towering high. Allah has given us a global platform, so where are the enthusiastic competitors?

When you enter these websites, you enter them to work in the cause of Allah, so remember this meaning well! When you open your account, when you write and interact, you are a soldier among God’s soldiers. Our time requires seriousness and urgency, not laziness and complacency! Thus, we create determination, inspire others, and leave a lasting impact.

نبّهني عن

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