Sacrificing Islamic education has catastrophic consequences!

I was struck by a consultation that was repeated with shame and fear, written by trembling hands and weeping hearts among the different types of consultations!

They are consultation of girls and women afflicted by neglectful families, and oblivious parents.

I am talking about a destructive situation, which is the result of neglect of the commandments of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and the absence of a sense of responsibility and monitoring within the same family.

This happens a lot when parents are busy with the world and leave education to luck and chance! They believe that children are safe as long as they are between the walls of the fortified house,

But, they completely forget that Satan is a clear enemy and lurks us day and night with great malice!

Abu Dawud narrated in his Sunnah that the messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: “Command your children to perform Salat (prayer) when they are seven years old, and beat them for (not offering) it when they are ten, and do not let (boys and girls) sleep together”.

Notice this majestic order, educating to prayer and commitment, then beating in case of disobedience and rebellion to establish oneself on righteousness, then separation in bed, and prophetic guidance requires contemplation and a long pause.

The reason for separating is far-reaching, jurisprudence, and insight, as stated in Sahib Awn al-Ma’bood explaining this hadith: “Separate between your children in their dormitory in which they sleep if they reach ten caution against lust, even if they are sisters.” Ah.

Al-Mawaq said: “Al-Lakhmi said: To make each of them a bed separately”.

It was said: “To make among them a barrier garment, even if it is one bed, then Ibn Habib was quoted as saying: I think that there should be a separation between them wholesale, whether they are males, or females, or males and females.” Ah.

In general, this Hadith is evidence that it is necessary to differentiate between males and females after reaching the age of ten.

Many theologians have attached mothers and fathers to this ruling, Ibn Abdeen said in Radd al-Muhtar: In al-Bzazia: If a boy reaches ten, he does not sleep with his mother, sister, and woman”.

This meaning leads us further, as separation in the dormitory requires separation in everything that can bring a brother and sister together in a place that may cause fitna, such as violent play, which is accompanied by direct contact and privacy away from sight, and getting used to it.

Anyone who looks at these texts finds that Islam pays great attention to the principle of prevention is better than cure, as most cases that I have received are cases of a brother assaulting his sister from the age of nine onwards, and this continued in threats and blackmail, until the girl’s life was destroyed.

One of the cases is what phrases cannot describe and cannot be borne by a believing heart!! Girls and women are thinking about suicide!!

The question that always arises is, where are the parents? Where are the father and mother about something that is repeated with such ugliness in the heart of the house that is supposed to be safe!

Moreover, it is not the case of a young child who does not understand, but the abuse occurs from an adult and married and cases of an old man, and no one looks at him with suspicion or accusation since he is the brother!

He continues to practice his crime with the authority of the brother and the goodwill that surrounds this position in the family!

I do not hide that I hesitated a lot to write about this serious topic for fear of fitna, but consultations about it are still repeated, so I ask God Almighty for proper guidance and found that warning against it is a duty and advice to Muslims so that no more victims will fall in a time when ignorance and underestimation of the decree of God Almighty and neutralization of the commandments of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) prevailed. This is a call to restore Sharia to the lives of Muslims, and Islamic education for family incubators.

Build your homes according to the guidance of the Sharia, and raise your children in the way of the righteous ancestors, you and they will be safe!

If there is any advice to every girl who has been afflicted by this great affliction, it is necessary to be patient and repel aggression from you with the reasons available to you, whether by informing your family, retiring, or moving to live with some relatives so that God can facilitate a way out for you. And never surrender yourself to such absurdities that know no fear and no boundaries to God Almighty. And seek the help of patience, prayer, and learning in your religion what will benefit you until God Almighty allows the disappearance of this anguish.

As for the warning, it is severe for those who give birth and do not bear the responsibility of education or discipline for their children! May Allah protect families from these malicious temptations, and from every malicious soul!

Pause with important consulting

I noticed that most of the consultations recently revolve around the role of Muslim women and their goals in life.

About family problems and persecution from which the observant suffers.

About marital problems, the state of estrangement that is rampant between spouses, and ignorance of ways to reform. Husbands as if they had never married! And husbands who did not realize the blessings of God, as a result deprived of it!

Fears of marriage and the uncertainty that occurs in the choice of a suitor and fiancée.

The need to listen to advice and support when choosing what pleases God Almighty, but accompanied by a lot of blame and bashing in an environment that is not helpful and does not preserve the honor of piety! This situation has begun to spread widely recently with the women turnout to righteousness, veil, seeking useful knowledge, and to deviate from what society wants in terms of humiliation for their femininity and their role in the Muslim Ummah.

Then a question repeated from the refugees, may Allah alleviate their suffering, regarding Tayammum instead of ablution because of the severity of the cold, and the people of knowledge said that he can perform ablution and Tayammum for the rest, because Allah says: (So keep your duty to Allah and fear Him as much as you can), and the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “Do what I command you to the best of your ability and capacity”, Ibn Qudama said in Al-Moughni: If he is afraid of the severity of the cold, and he can heat the water, or use it in a way that secures from harm, such as washing a body part by body part, and whenever he washes something he will cover, he must do so. And if he is not able, he will do Tayammum and pray according to the words of most of the scholars. Ah.

And if he cannot wash the whole body, wash what he can of it, then does Tayammum for the rest, and Allah knows best.

Then the judicial questions, which always need to be communicated and taught, and I encourage all sisters to ask to benefit and worship God Almighty in the light of Sharia.

As well as cases of dispersion, wandering, disability, and lack of motivation.

Add the search for curricula for teaching Sharia, God willing, I will provide a detailed guide for female students of knowledge that allows them to seek knowledge freely and flexibly commensurate with all their circumstances, situations, and ages and in a gradual manner.

Among other questions, most of them relate to personal and private cases.

I will try to provide regular coverage of the most prominent consultations, with the help of God Almighty.

May Allah support this nation with Islamic authority and an Islamic education that remedies its weakness and succeeds with it.

Translated by Tasneem

original article in Arabic:

التفريط في التربية الإسلامية تداعياته كارثية!

نبّهني عن

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