Why does Arab-Muslim woman dress her 6-year-old daughter in naked clothes

📬 Question:
     Why does a woman, especially an Arab-Muslim woman, dress her 6-year-old daughter in naked clothes, whether in her company or at school, playing in front of the house or in the neighborhood, and in this case, without any supervision?

   Here we are confronted with the results of decades of media injections that portray Western children’s clothing as the utmost elegance and civility, this is accompanied by commercial propaganda for such garments and their promotion in every facade and display, which affects women who have little religious consciousness and care more about form and appearances than essence.

What has deepened this affliction is husbands who have marginalized their function of being the ones in authority in the home and have since co-existed there in indignity, hence you find fathers praising the inappropriate clothing of their daughters, buying them such clothing themselves– and even going out with their inappropriately dressed daughters without the slightest discomfort. It is the systematic result of the reality of the saying: “Frequent touch causes sensation to be lost!”

This has also been further deepened by preachers who underestimate this wrongdoing, and make it acceptable for girls to dress however they wish before puberty with the excuse of their young age, neglecting the fact that modesty and love of covering up must be rooted in the upbringing of the child from an early age, and that to accustom her to dressing immodestly by praising her for it and complimenting her is in fact killing the sense of modesty in the child’s self. It is for this reason that when she grows up, she considers Hijab as a burden and neglects it.

One may ask: this is a problem, where is the solution?
I say the solution is to cleanse the homes of destructive television channels in a way that does not accept bargaining, and to prevent watching the movies and advertisements that show this, and to also boycott the preachers whose methodology is understatement, indifference and irresponsibility, and create a solemn awareness for the girl, encouraging her to be proud to cover up from a young age (this is a tested and proven thing). Hence the girl will become more objectionable towards inappropriate clothing for Muslim children, because her values are solid and have not been distorted.

It should be noted that we face a complex problem, between a media invasion that has seduced Muslims, injected them with defeatism, distorted their concepts and alienated them from their heritage, authenticity and religion, and between a medium that allowed this invasion to spread and influence by not opposing it, and even providing such clothing and propagating for it!
Then we have an irresponsible circle of preachers who contributed to the continuation of destructive factors in our societies– going too far in negligence.
Hence, the circles of reformation, advising for the sake of Allah, and forbidding evil, have started to disappear, and the result of that is what you see, and the situation is only worsening.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.
May Allah improve the condition of all Muslims.

📬 Question:
     Is there any mother in the universe who finds it acceptable for her 7-year-old daughter to be exposed to harm?

Answer :
I would have answered no, with the logic of reason and instinct, but our time is one where the standards of reason have relapsed and instinct (innate nature) has been infected.
Therefore, the answer is yes, there are those who would accept such a thing– people who would ignore the seriousness of the matter and underestimate it. They are not mothers, but rather merely women that brought children into the world without any sense nor heart. This is what happens when the fear of Allah Almighty is lost and when sense of morality has been spoiled.

-Dr Layla Hamdan

نبّهني عن

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