Translated Quotes (Lyla Hamdan) 2

We are living for that moment.. that moment when we meet Allah pleased with us,
Praised be to Him..!

Any Muslim is demanded to be sincere to Allah and seek what He has.
To prepare, collect causes, and work.
To trust and ask for help from Allah.
It is required for any Muslim to stand firm, and be patient on the price of honesty whether it is trials or tribulations.
To have good expectations of Allah and unstoppable faith in Him.
This in itself is victory, even if he dies poor, betrayed, defeated, or alone.

You will not find stronger than a believer who greatly trusts in his Lord. A greatly patient believer who takes good care to prepare and adopt means as much as possible.
The believer must not dispense any of the three parts and then wait for victory.

The Qur’an . . It is the greatest proof for every Muslim and Muslimah and it cannot be refuted!

This is a serious matter, not a laughing matter.

So be steadfast and upright just as Allah, Exalted be He, commanded you; and hold on dearly to what He has advised you to do. Believe in it firmly and do so with neither doubt nor hesitation, and be sure to guard yourself against what He has forbidden you, so that you can then rejoice in the victory and new openings in your life that Allah will provide for you.

When faith is established in your heart, it will pulse with the strength of that faith.

Faith and disgrace can never coexist with each other in the heart of a believer.

Either his faith will rejuvenate him with strength and dignity in the land, whether it be for a long time or a short while.

Or he will die frustrated from being overwhelmed by misguidance and other obstacles.

So the conclusion for the believer is to live with dignity, or die with dignity. There is no third option.

Those who come to realize the greatness of faith, and understand the majesty of its prestige and superiority, have established in themselves purity of their hearts for believers. And they repeat with love, sincerity, and belief, this verse from the Qur’an:

“Our Lord! Forgive us and our fellow believers who preceded us in faith, and do not allow bitterness into our hearts towards those who believe. Our Lord! Indeed, You are Ever Gracious, Most Merciful.” – [Surat al-Hashr, Verse 10 – Mustafa Khattab Translation]

“When they shout their disbelief, corruption, deviation, and wickedness,
it is time for youto strengthen your faith and belief to raise the word of God and spread Islam, the Quran, the signs of Allah,
and the guidance of the Prophet (peace be upon him). It is time for a sound call to salvation
and its position in resisting the satanic current coming from the West.
It is the year of pushing back,
and Allah will surely help those who help His cause.”

The clouds of fatigue and exhaustion that one experiences at first will dissipate once the task is completed and the work is accomplished.

And afterward, the soul is then actually awakened with a passion to achieve even more!

There is an amazing relationship between the two, whereby determination actually nourishes the path toward happiness, and this is something which the lazy unfortunately do not understand.

The hard-earned pleasure of rest that comes after work is far greater than the unearned false pleasure that all the hours of laziness provide, no matter how long those hours may be.

The blessing of opposites is a great blessing!

Had it not been for fatigue, we would not understand the value of rest. Without sadness, we would not be able to taste joy. Without deprivation, we would not know the value of what we have been blessed with in life. Without difficulty, we would not rejoice in ease. Without ignorance, we would not thirst after knowledge. And without loneliness, we would not enjoy companionship. Life is only fulfilled by a combination of opposites, otherwise it loses all of its meaning between hope and gratitude.

Some of the most important qualities that you should instill in your children are:

  • Patience
  • Contentment
  • Courage
  • Generosity
  • Honesty
  • Truthfulness

These qualities are crucial to instill in children from a young age, and it should be done gradually, so that they become prominent traits in their personalities. Teaching these qualities is a discipline in itself, requiring insight, understanding, and inspiring educational ideas.

If you have managed to escape the danger of disbelief and innovation, beware of the trap of arrogance and self-righteousness. Be cautious not to fall into its snare and unravel your efforts with your own hands.

Victory over this requires truthfulness, justice, love of goodness for people, cooperation in righteousness and piety, and humbleness towards the believers.

It is a great honor to be a believer, even if you are the poorest of people.
True heroism lies in being elevated by your faith, even if everyone else belittles you.
The ultimate honor is to live clinging firmly to the unbreakable bond, even if everyone else goes astray.
True victory lies in steadfastness and adherence to the straight path as commanded by Allah, even if everyone else deviates.
It is a matter of enduring patience for a while, and then witnessing the incomparable grace of Allah!

The Islamic nation is a nation that has surpassed all other nations throughout history,
A nation that has astounded the annals of history with its bravery, heroism, strength, and magnificent rise!
A nation that remains steadfast in the face of trials,
Emerging amidst storms of betrayal and treachery,
Unfazed by grand schemes and stratagems,
For it possesses the secret of revival: the Qur’an and the Sunnah.
So preserve this secret and pledge your allegiance to it, for it is a victory, even if we have not yet witnessed it!

The plans of Allah on Earth are great, providing solace and relief from all worries and sorrows. With them come tranquility, peace, and confidence in the true promise of Allah.

These plans are not hidden from those who are devoted to the Qur’an and Sunnah,
nor from those who contemplate the history of nations and their stories,
nor from those who perceive reality, deducing the true meanings and landmarks of victory!

This is the majesty of Islam!

Position yourself in a balanced state where your spirit radiates, your knowledge flourishes, and your determination yields results.

Beware of surrounding yourself with those who fail to appreciate the worth of a believer!

Muslims are the soldiers of Allah on Earth, entrusted with preserving humanity from the insidious Western invasion led by the demons of jinn and mankind.

No one is more worthy of this epic battle than the Muslims themselves, if they prepare for it diligently and fortify themselves through planning.

This can only be achieved by adhering to the Quran and Sunnah, so revive the remembrance of the exceptional generation as a model to follow.

The day of Eid

Today, in particular, your own self may remind you of what saddens you, and painful memories may gather to spoil the atmosphere of Eid for you.

You may be resisting the tears caused by intense loneliness and the loss of family and loved ones.

Your smile may stumble because your Eid is modest, limited in resources, or because you are afflicted with a strong affliction and great calamities.

You may be imprisoned between walls of injustice or a displaced refugee dreaming of security, and your feelings may become mixed, with sadness overshadowing joy unjustly.

All of this is from Satan, to sadden those who have believed. So, on this day -The Eid of Muslims- show feelings of joy in it as an act of worship.

Smile and make those around you happy, postpone your sorrows and worries for another time, as every situation has its own measure.

Draw closer to Allah by magnifying His rituals and having humility in your heart and limbs. That is the essence of Eid and that is what angers the hypocrites and disbelievers.

Today is Eid, where we live its rituals for Allah, sincerely manifesting our joy and happiness, while being mindful of Him. The true happiness in it is like that which comes from the innocence of a pure heart.

(قُلْ إِنَّ صَلَاتِي وَنُسُكِي وَمَحْيَايَ وَمَمَاتِي لِله رَبِّ الْعَالَمِينَ)

Beware of undermining the effort of a believer, for you do not know where acceptance lies!

The ascetics in this Dunya, Dunya runs after them, humiliated, while people run after it, debased!

Indeed, the gates of its pleasures and temptations must be opened to them, and they should be presented with ease, not hardship!

As for the sincere among them, they advance towards their goals without looking back.

As for the liars… they are deceived!

The Ansaar on the day of Hunayn

Whoever abandons the Dunya, it comes to him reluctantly, and whoever runs after it, it debases him.

Whenever your solitude becomes overwhelming and your heart feels constricted because of what is witnessed today of people racing after worldly adornments, repeat the words of the Ansaar on the day of Hunayn: “We are content with the Messenger of Allah as our portion and share.”

When the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “Will you not be content, O people of the Ansaar, that people go with the sheep and and the camel and you return with the Messenger of Allah to your tents? For by the One in whose hand is the soul of Muhammad, if it were not for the migration, I would have been a man of the Ansaar. If people took a path and the Ansaar took a path, I would have taken the path of the Ansaar. O Allah, have mercy on the Ansaar, the children of the Ansaar, and the children of the children of the Ansaar.”

The people wept until their beards were wet, and said, “We are content with the Messenger of Allah as our portion and share.”

You will not find a more beautiful or greater consolation than the consolation the Prophet (peace be upon him) gave to the Ansar on the day of Hunayn!

And whoever chooses the company of the Prophet (peace be upon him) over the trials of this worldly life, its adornments, and its pleasures, will have such consolation!

O Allah, may we follow the footsteps of the ones who came before.

One of the blessings that we often neglect:
The divine endorsement in a word spoken,
Companions who support you unexpectedly,
Comfort from a distant soul enlightened by God,
Completeness attained through their presence,
Allah’s mercy preserving you from sin,
Dignity bestowed upon your weakness by Him,
And many more blessings without which we would falter.

Reflect upon and appreciate Allah’s favors,
To deepen your love for the Most High.

You never know where Allah, the Mighty and Majestic, places acceptance and grants victory.
It may be in a deed considered insignificant and belittled by people!

So, present every action, no matter how small, with great sincerity, for Allah gazes upon your heart in that moment.

And who knows, perhaps Allah has set it as a test for you to examine your sincerity and how you interact with Him!

Oh, what a momentous position to be in!

Be diligent in two matters, regardless of any shortcomings you may have:
That Allah and His Messenger are dearer to you than anything else.
That you do not become tainted by sins.

Whoever is diligent in these two matters makes the best choices when faced with confusion and finds the best solutions in times of trials. The blessings of steadfastness encompass them, and their mixed merchandise does not hinder them.

With such provisions, heroism flourishes when Allah wills. So beware of despair or doubt!

No one on the face of the earth can truly comprehend what your heart experiences in moments of engagement, trials, and tribulations, no matter how hard they try, unless they have lived the same circumstances and carried the same burden.

But Allah alone, exalted and glorified, knows your state. It is not befitting for you to turn to anyone other than Allah the Most High, who will do you justice, ease the distress of your heart, and mend your brokenness.

The Prophet ﷺ gave a profound lesson in monotheism and clinging to the rope of Allah during times of hardship, in his advice to Asma bint ‘Umays, the exemplary companion of the early Muslims, may Allah be pleased with her. She said, “The Messenger of Allah said to me: ‘Shall I not teach you words that you should say during times of hardship or distress?’ He said, ‘Allah is my Lord, I associate nothing with Him.'”

The hearts of the believers must inevitably tremble with the earthquake of adversity until their hearts reach their throats. Then, victory or martyrdom will come. O Allah, grant us steadfastness, stability, and a noble ending like those who preceded us in faith.

Beware of Satan in three situations:
During intense anger,
In moments of overwhelming joy,
And in times of profound sorrow.
These are open gates for him to deceive you.

Maintaining emotional balance is crucial,
But if it becomes challenging,
Seek refuge in prayers and remembrance,
Deepen your understanding and insight,
And accompany yourself with the Quran.

In every movement and stillness,
In every interaction and engagement,
In every giving and taking,
In every test and achievement,
Remember that you are dealing with Allah, the Majestic!
Obstacles, costs, and consequences fade away,
Leaving only satisfaction, insight, and yearning to meet Him, glorified be He!

You will learn to be grateful for the hardships that made you love Allah even more!
You will realize the virtue of every trial and affliction when you respond to them with a better escape to Allah.
You will be more thankful to those who have harmed you, more than those who have been kind to you.
Because pain creates asceticism in us towards the world and its adornments, and it shortens distances to Allah, the Almighty.
And that goal is achievable, whether on thorns or sand!

“Peace be upon you for your patience. How excellent is the final home!”

Whenever the garment of patience wears thin,
Renew it with this light and triumph within!

Patience is a duty for the believers,
Augmented by certainty, accountability, and the remembrance,
Evoking the virtue of companionship with the prophets, the righteous, and the martyrs,
Guided by the profound meanings of Allah’s words: “Indeed, the patient will be given their reward without account.”

Firm in faith, one does not falter or humiliate,
Even in the midst of raging storms of trials,
Clutching firmly to the strong bond that cannot be severed.
Let hearts and limbs pulsate with patience, willingly or unwillingly,
Until Allah decrees a matter and it is fulfilled,
Then unveiling the meeting with the Most Merciful in His pleasure and acceptance.

نبّهني عن

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