Tomboy Feminism: A blind leads a sighted!

One of the ugliest things that can be seen in our time: a tomboy woman and a feminine man. This is what feminism has done in our societies.
Islam is integrated systems that are intertwined with each other, in which both men and women have their own function. In that matter, Islam guarantees their function and the rights of its owner in all circumstances and condition as this is a function that accommodates instinct and the goals of the Muslim Ummah.

Allah has made leadership and expense the responsibility of men so that women have space in which they can innovate and fill their gaps in preserving the structure of the individual, family and society. He dropped the trouble of seeking a livelihood and enduring the hardships of life in order to take care of her femininity, instinct and role. The nation’s economy was based on a set of intertwined mechanisms that achieve harmony and preserve everyone’s right.

The West came after the era of occupation and during the era of hegemony, preventing the establishment of Islam in all its systems and allowing only a narrow space within the limits of individual worship and family rules. But their greed to exploit women and employ them in the mill of capitalism necessitated a strategy of enslavement of women that collides with the impregnable dam of Islam. It had to be cunning!

The West began to create loyal followers of its claims, annoyed by the purity of Islam as they showed them in Muslim societies. Also, it was an easy process that was guaranteed by the media par excellence with some funding and the decoration of the Dajjal and its falsehood. In that, women appear in the role of the hero who came to “liberate Muslim societies” and bring them out of light into darkness. And they called this enlightenment!

The talk of this woman “the compars” does not come out of a challenge to the inheritance of an entire nation. It also doesn’t come out of a challenge to the religion and manhood of generations of men of the nation, and a blatant infringement on women beliefs, authenticity and identity. It is a new kind of occupation and invasion with mercenaries who ruminate on the West’s calls with defeatism and hatred of the religion of Allah Almighty. This came after they occupied people with panting for a living!

And it became that pushing women to compete with men under the slogans of “equality” creates a major imbalance in the system of the family and the society, and even the economy and education as well as all systems getting effected. The pyramid of leadership was shaken and this time the strife of women came differently than the previous ones! It came as masculinity! And the dispute with those who have the right in this and the request for sovereignty.

Because it is in fact a war on instinct before it being a war on Islam, feminism and the malicious claims of the West have hit a solid wall into the nation, and the free people have rejected them and have not exceeded their destiny. But the new agenda is to impose the anomaly on which the West is working with unprecedented frenzy, and a solution must be found with the strength of this religion to infiltrate.

There had to be more of effrontery, shame, lying, chaos, clambering over the rights of others and everything that is corrupted. And again this is from the mean of the women compars! She tops a tomboy in the position of leadership! However, it is the discoverer of the corruption of our religion and its unsuitability for our societies in this time when the infidel United Nations dominated! It was a scene that summed up the reality of a “blind man leads a sighted”!

After she got deviated from her role in her nation, she wants to distort all of Islam to serve her desires and injustice to herself. In fact, she is just a parrot of what her masters dictate to her.

She says that the rules of inheritance must be changed in Islam, because women today are not the same women in the era of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), the Companions and successive Islamic countries! All women must be humiliated like her!

We must change the entire economic system
in Islam in order to satisfy the tomboy woman! Islam endured all the injustices that existed only to deprive this nation of the full and complete application of the Sharia of Islam. All this has been brought about by some application of Islam in individual worshiping is and family space. All this war and this frenzy is to change the religion.

She believes that the solution of women’s problems is by giving women an equal share of inheritance! In return, this means that men will lift their hands from every expense and the Muslim woman -god forbid- will turn into a miserable western woman. She will equally pay half of all household expenses with her boyfriend, not her husband. She will also toil same as men and will be held accountable for negligence in pregnancy and illness.

She measures the world as it is and not on the instinct of women! Nor on the conditions of an entire nation. This selfishness and this passion today are at the forefront of the pulpits to teach us that it is more understandable of our interest than the law of our lord. Such dirty thought is an announcement of war and a manifestation of disobedience that requires a pause with oneself!

If reducing Islam to the space of the individual and the family made them feel delicate, then the establishment of Islam in its complete way and the application of the Sharia of Allah Almighty in all fields must be a duty that will be a seismic and a clear victory. This is what must be worked on today so hard with majestic cooperation. It is the perfect response to the abnormal calls of the West’s feminist, and the fight of instinct and religion.

After that, distinguished men will take the pulpits to remind us of our true achievements. Men who were given birth by faithful women who love Allah Almighty severely. These women who worked with passion and dedication, worked to raise a unified Muslim generation proud of their religion and identity, humiliated and defeated only by their Creator. This type of thrush woman is prepared by Allah Almighty to gain a share in the renaissance and resurgence of the nation. It is a rebirth that can only be achieved by pure religion. Not by dab dependency! And Allah’s promise is true.

Islam did not oppress women, but they were the ones who oppressed Islam and women when they forbade this woman to enjoy a just and secure life under the shadow of the Sharia. If we make a comparison about women’s rights in all religions and customs, we would not find fairer and better than her rights in Islam. Therefore, the proportion of the most converted to Islam in the world were women.

Today, the arena is open for everyone who wants to speak, and hegemony is still in the hands of the West. Therefore, let them go and have fun until Allah blesses our eyes with his laws as the laws of Allah do not favor anyone. So grasp the most trustworthy handhold with no break in it. It’s just days, and Allah permits, letting the humiliation fall and the dearest rise! Who holds fast to the causes of his honor are blessed and are in a good state. And (to Allāh belongs [all] honor, and to His Messenger, and to the believers, but the hypocrites do not know).

Aya and Amira

Original article in Arabic

النسوية المسترجلة: أعمى يقود بصيرا!

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