The right way to be happy, as Muslims, with what is happening in Turkey?

Translated by Muslim Translators

Greetings to my readers and may Allah bless you,

The victory of Erdogan in the presidential elections in Turkey is better than the victory of his opponent, the secularist Kilicdaroglu. There is no dispute about that, considering the details of the current Turkish scene.

We do not blame anyone for being happy, as Muslims rejoice in victories that benefit them. Allah says what can be translated as, “The Romans have been defeated, in a nearby land, but they will gain victory after their defeat, within a few years. To Allah belongs the whole matter before and after [the victory]. On that day, the believers will rejoice, at the victory granted by Allah. He gives victory to whom He wills, and He is the All-Mighty, the Most Merciful.” (Quran Translated Meaning 30:2-5)

So, there is no harm in rejoicing at Erdogan’s victory, but the intended joy here needs to be rational, reasonable, and moderate, not the type of joy that is deceptive or misleading for Muslims. I am talking about the kind of joy that is so exaggerated that it equates this victory to the establishment of the Islamic caliphate on earth!

Rather, we must deal with this event according to its real size without blowing it out of proportion. We should not build our perceptions of it based on what we hope and wish for, but based on what we see and observe!

Erdogan’s victory, despite being the best available option, will also have negative effects on Muslims, as we have seen before when Turkey’s interests conflicted with the interests of other Muslim countries, and Syria is the living example.

The keen observer of history, reality, and Turkey’s policies throughout Erdogan’s rule realizes that the man has his own nationalist Turkish project for which he employs all the causes and assisting factors. He adopts a pragmatic policy in which he gains allies from all directions and places. Just as he satisfied hostile states with his policies, he also attracted many political Islamists who failed in their countries, hence benefiting from political Islamic opposition everywhere to support his project.

He is not to be blamed for his efforts towards his project, but basic perception and insight must never portray him as a heroic leader who will achieve all the dreams of the Muslim Ummah. This is an immature and hasty perception, and it indicates the extent of despair that has taken its toll on people’s hearts, causing them to cling to any glimmer of hope.

And apart from the legitimate foundation here, whereby we can never erect anything on polytheistic or doctrinal violations, as is the case with democracy, how can we expect him to come up with a magical solution to the problems of the Muslim Ummah while following a path subjugated to the instructions of secularism and democracy? Even with the best expectations, the Turkish president will not be able to achieve major interests for Muslims during his present term (which will not exceed 5 years), serving their well-being and advancements, as the supporters of the Turkish project keep circulating, especially since half of his people already oppose him, and this half rejects the Islamic vision or project lock, stock, and barrel.

Therefore, moderation in joy here is required to alleviate any shock impact later when people collide with the limitations of Erdogan’s powers, which they rely on, on the one hand, and when they collide with his method and the nature of his declared goals, which require conformity with falsehood and opposition to the principles of Islamic religion. It even requires sacrifices at the expense of Muslims in order to achieve the rise of Turkey.

In the coming days, the policy that the Turkish president will adopt is going to be clearer, and it is likely that it will not change from the pragmatic approach to ease tensions within the Turkish street and to accommodate Turkish ambitions within the framework of the formation of the new world system.

Any step Erdogan takes from now on will have to take into consideration the opposition of half the people, because he will not risk a revolution or violent acts attempting to overthrow his rule. Therefore, he will try to accommodate the opposition as much as possible, and this poses limitations on his steps.

But does this mean that the expected interests from his continuation in power are useless? In fact, they are useful in terms of the world scene of the conflict. What scares the West the most is Turkey’s alignment with Russian and Chinese ambitions in the new world system and Erdogan’s posing as an assisting factor in achieving the new formation of the world system, which will limit America’s leadership powers in it. This is what we are waiting for in the next stage.

And because it serves Turkish glory and advancement, he will likely receive popular support and welcome from all Turks, especially if this leads to an economic revival and the fulfillment of the economic promises that the Turkish people are waiting for.

But at the local and regional levels, I fear that Turkey’s decisions may be frustrating for what many are waiting for, especially in Syria.

The latest features of the plan being developed today in Syria indicate a possible reconciliation with the regime, and arrangements are heading towards normalization with the criminal Alawite regime and giving it more legitimacy to continue its tyranny without accountability.

This scene is complicated further by the fact that Turkey will not lose the Russian and Iranian axis and major world ambitions just for the sake of Syria. The pragmatic approach will not hesitate to sacrifice the Syrian file for the sake of Turkish advancement supported by China, Russia, and Iran and the formation of a multi-axial system. A lot is left to be said here, but I am presenting just the main points for a summarized set of observations and explorations.

I have no doubt that supporters of the Turkish project justify every injustice and loss as the price that is due for glory! But according to the Islamic perspective, judgments and conclusions differ, and this is what we use as our point of reference.

To stay on track with the question, we are faced with different groups of rejoicing people:

The first group upholds the hopes of the Turkish project and works towards it. They believe wholeheartedly in Erdogan’s actions, seeing his strategy as the strongest and most appropriate, and they justify it in the name of religion. This group will not even perceive the limitations on Erdogan’s ambitions in achieving the dreams of the Muslim Ummah. They are just his avid supporters, and they are centered around his project. They view it as the ultimate success and are unable to contain their joy. This group is prone to disappointment, despair, and failure if Erdogan’s project fails, and it is unclear how they will react when his term ends in five years.

The second group sees Erdogan through their own lens of aspirations rather than through reality or what he actually declares. Even if Erdogan were to announce a secular approach, they would view it as Islamic. Even if Erdogan makes mistakes that cause harm to Muslims, they would justify it as a genius move that others do not understand. This group refuses to see reality through the lens of truth and facts; instead, they view it through the lens of their aspirations. If Erdogan announced an alliance with the Zionists, they would view it as a victory for Palestine because they want to see success and cling to a hopeful example, despite multiple failed experiences in the Muslim world. This group is difficult to reason with, and they will have to learn from reality. They are prone to disappointment and despair when their support fails to materialize.

The third group is happy with any effort to alleviate the suffering of Muslims, as in the case of Syria. They are justified in their joy, as they do not go beyond the desire to reduce the harm that may be inflicted on Muslims by a more racist and oppressive Turkish government. This group lives in reality and deals with what is available to them without lying to themselves. They are not prone to disappointment or despair, as they have seen a lot of it until now.

And then we have a fourth group, and those have raised themselves to coexist with every event. They prepare for the worst with the rhythm of events. They are not affected by shocks because they rely on their faith and are patient, waiting for opportunities with realism and insight. Their joy is also justified, and they are not prone to disappointment or despair but are expected to put on their best performance or even sacrifice themselves.

I see that the most important thing Muslims should cultivate in themselves in this context is the saying of Allah Almighty, which can be translated as, “So that you may not grieve over what you have missed, nor exult over what He has given you, for Allah does not love anyone who is conceited and boastful.” (Quran Translated Meaning 57:23) We deal with events realistically, without exaggeration or belittling, and this is the way any Muslim should be. We do not indulge in empty emotional outbursts that may cause frustration and despair and then become difficult to overcome later on. The proper way to deal with this event would be by using Erdogan’s continued rule for another five years in the best way, asking Allah to bring good to this nation by contributing to breaking the chains of Western domination and putting an end to the hegemony of a single pole.

A wise person does not put all his dreams into a project without knowing where it will all end up or without seeing its ability to achieve promising change until this moment, particularly when its Islamic roots are fragile! Let’s keep in mind that change is a huge project that requires a strategy with strong pillars and a long time of effectiveness and impact in all fields and levels, especially the intellectual field, and five years are not enough for Erdogan to formulate any strategy, no matter how superior, that can generate a generation capable of achieving significant change in the country through the mechanism of democracy! A clear indication of this is that the results of the current elections made it clear that Erdogan’s efforts to create supporters for him from within Turkey and all that he has achieved in terms of changing the thinking of the Turks according to his vision during his rule were met with major efforts from secularists to confront his project and the gathering of opposition to his vision according to their own views. Consequently, the presidential elections required a second round of decisive voting, and the results were close.

This brings us back to a very clear reality for those who contemplate democratic experiments objectively and fairly: that this mechanism has limited impact and its maximum results are delaying the harm and damage while contributing temporarily to alleviating the harm on Muslims… nothing more.

As for establishing an Islamic project, this cannot be done through a Western system that is imported, contradictory, confrontational, and resisting to us—carefully designed to abort all our opportunities for a grand Islamic rise! Rather, establishing the Islamic project requires returning to our pure roots and noble heritage and building on our wholesome and comprehensive Islamic system without defeat, apologetics, or changing! Rather, with pride in our identity, heritage, and unique characteristics as a Muslim Ummah, we seek help from our Lord Almighty, being sincere to Him, which is clearly found in the texts of the Quran, Sunnah, and the legacy of the righteous predecessors. I don’t think that any rational person can disagree with that.

This is a project that also requires a good understanding of reality, past experiences, and a smart and persistent preparation strategy. It requires adherence to principles; otherwise, what we come up with will have no value. Otherwise, we will end up with a new system that is not Islamic, and even if it achieves some successes, it will not be the same Islam that we’ve been commanded to establish on earth!

This does not mean that we demand all the above from Erdogan, because we know his ability, state, ambitions, means, and complex reality, so we don’t burden him with what he cannot bear. And because we see the reality of the world, the various experiences, history, and the present, Also, because we are in a fierce struggle, we must take advantage of every assisting factor without deceiving ourselves or deviating from the path of the believers, without any exaggeration, excess, or neglect. Allah Almighty says what can be translated as, “It is not your wishful thinking or the wishful thinking of the People of the Book that matters; whoever does evil will be recompensed for it, and he will not find besides Allah any protector or helper.” (Quran Translated Meaning 4:123).

The purpose of this discussion is not to debate the correctness of what Erdogan is doing from a Sharia perspective or to study the feasibility of the Turkish project from a strategic standpoint. This requires a detailed study and specialized analysis based on the facts and evidence, which is not the purpose here. Rather, the goal is to explain the jurisprudence of dealing with his victory in Turkey in moderation and without deceiving ourselves or misleading Muslims, as well as avoiding to portray his victory as the establishment of the Sharia on earth and a solution to all the problems! Especially since the Turkish project boasts of secularism and democracy and advocates for them, supports them, and fights for their establishment in other countries, as we have seen with their participation in the NATO wars against Muslim lands in support of this miserable democracy. Giving authority to Muslims under a soft secularism is no different from giving authority to any religion in Turkey, as they function using a pragmatic policy.

Still, we do not underestimate any sincere Muslim worker for his religion and his nation who places his hopes in the Turkish project anywhere in the world, but we love honesty and clarity. The signs of the truth here are clear, and following anything else is confusion and nonsense.

Consultation is a trust, and I cannot lie to you or deceive you. The religion of Allah Almighty has principles and rules that cannot be tampered with, especially when it comes to the great meanings of monotheism and acting according to its requirements. No matter what justifications are made to support the Turkish project, we cannot justify secularism or democracy or say that they are permissible, nor can we encourage people to follow them. This would be a betrayal of the trust of the religion and the guidance of the Prophet; it is an attempt to dispute the command of Allah and a ruling of ignorance beyond any doubt. “Is it the judgment of pagan ignorance that they desire? And who is better than Allah in judgment for people of firm faith?” (Quran Translated Meaning 5:50)

The halal (permissible) is clear, and the haram (forbidden) is clear, and this religion is a guidance that should be followed. We do not compromise its principles and constants, nor do we force anyone who does not believe in them to do so. But this is what we owe to Allah Almighty, and this is what we call for, even if we do not live to see the dream of the Islamic Ummah realized in our lives. It will be achieved by those whom Allah Almighty has chosen—the steadfast and unswerving—because it is a true promise that we cannot reach by selling our religion for cheap or changing it, but by remaining steadfast on what the unique generation and predecessors upheld, with a pledge of truth and sincerity until we meet Allah on that. Victory is from Allah Almighty, not from ourselves, and blessed are those who are saved from associating partners with Allah or from inventing things in religion!

In conclusion, this religion should not be upheld on the shoulders of those who fish for excuses; this is what I believe, but on the shoulders of those who possess high determination. We need people with high determination, and a person with high determination, no matter how short he may fall, does not hesitate to respond to the call of truth. Such people do not justify their shortcomings because they hope for the mercy of Allah and yearn for what Allah Almighty has.

This religion does not need people; rather, it is the people who need it, so do not sell the religion of Allah for cheap whims and deceptive desires!

You will remember what I am telling you. So I entrust my affairs to Allah; indeed, Allah is All-Seeing of the servants.” (Quran Translated Meaning 40:44)

Allah knows best, and may He guide us to what He loves and is pleased with.

نبّهني عن

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