Correct and immediate correction should be a top priority

Be certain that those who are involved in corruption, immorality, and sin are suffering from darkness of heart, depression, sadness, inner turmoil, and even thoughts of suicide, despite their outwardly displayed smiles and laughter! This alone should be enough for those immersed in their own wrongdoing to abandon this stubbornness and immediately repent to Allah without delay.

The first reason that prompts seeking help is the weight and discomfort in the heart of the sinner, despite their immersion in desires. Therefore, those who continue in the swamps of corruption and vice numb their senses with alcohol, drugs, and negative company. There is always a voice within the self that rejects this degradation and recognizes the difference well among those who have declared repentance.”
One of the fundamental subjects that should be given great attention is the study of curricula, the study of human psychology, understanding it, understanding its diseases, and their treatments. Our curricula have neglected this subject greatly, while it is more beneficial and important than many other subjects that have had little impact on the lives of students. Strengthening hearts and preserving their well-being is a crucial foundation in building.

“Whoever knows themselves, knows their Lord, and whoever knows themselves overpowers their enemies! And whoever is ignorant of themselves will stumble, become confused, and be harmed by every enemy, no matter how weak. This knowledge can be acquired within ourselves and our children today, and thanks to it, our interactions and methods of raising children will change completely. We can fix a lot with a little beneficial knowledge! Reflect on how we deprived ourselves of the opportunities for brilliance due to the lack of formal education!

After a stage of research and study, you will find that the knowledge you truly benefitted from is the knowledge you personally sought. Research is driven by necessity, and this necessity often increases in our time because we have learned according to limited and weak curricula that waste years on little benefit.”
If our beginning had been with some fundamental books, our reality would have been different from what you see, but it is a matter of dominance!

If we go back to the history of education throughout the ages, we find that all eras before the era of colonization started their curricula with strengthening hearts, knowledge of Allah, and righteousness as commanded. Then they proceeded with knowledge of life sciences and material sciences, which had a significant impact on the establishment of powerful Islamic states. After colonization, the superior had been excluded and we declined!

The first keys to the rise of your heart, your family, your community, and your nation are correcting the starting point anew and rectifying the ignorance of Allah, human psychology, the truths of steadfastness, and confronting various enemies. This will lead to a balanced, clear, and successful journey. All worldly degrees cannot create the tranquility of faith and the blessings of righteousness, nor can they guarantee success in the Hereafter.

Only by correcting the starting point with sincerity, knowledge, and duty, can all worldly degrees become tools for the elevation, strength, and success of the believer.
Today, people’s goals have become mere means, and I bear witness to how liberation from the burdens of the earth will be achieved, and how the worker for the sake of Allah will become a striking force on earth that creates glory, heroism, and power, not bound by the earth nor following their desires!

I ask Allah for beneficial knowledge, good provision, and acceptable deeds. These three will establish your happiness, and it can only be attained with righteousness and following the guidance of the Prophet, peace be upon him. After that, rejoice in the divine conquests if you truly seek the truth because Allah’s favor is great, and whoever is blessed by Allah’s favor has been enriched and successful. O Allah! We ask of Your great bounty.

نبّهني عن

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