An Unfortunate Scene from Reality: Diagnosis and Solution

I received a message shedding light on a situation that the Muslim nation suffers greatly in our time, a case of the repercussions of series addiction on the behavior of a Muslim girl in society.

The hijab no longer has its prestige, nor does modesty and chastity have its position, and the depressed justification: a love relationship in the manner of the series of debauchery and immorality.

A Situation from Reality

Here is a message from a young Muslim man who is jealous on the honor of Muslims, conveying to us a situation he experienced, in details that are repeated everywhere:

“My friends and I went to university to get the printed version of the biography (Al-Sirrah) ” the sender says. Then we decided to go to the university mosque and prayed there. Then we decided to go to the port, the place was located at a very high altitude.

When we entered the place, we went to a corner isolated from people, and there we saw a young man and a girl wearing a hijab. As soon as we entered, they went out.

I felt bad because I didn’t say anything at first. Then I noticed that the young man and the girl were suspicious, and it was clear that they were waiting for us to go out to return to the place that provided them solitude.

I told my friend that there was no way but to deny their act, so I went to them and said to the young man: What is her relationship with you, and what are you doing here?

Without hesitation or fear, he replied, “She is my girlfriend!”

He got my nerves that I wanted to hit him, and then I got on my nerves, turned towards the girl, lowered my head away from looking directly at her and started advising her.

I felt very bad because she was wearing the hijab.

The young man behaved arrogantly at first, but as soon as I started using English terms he changed, because we men with beards are seen as backward or narrow-minded and so on.

And I said to the girl: “How proud are you to be a Muslim girl? Why don’t you keep your honor and chastity and devalue yourself so much? Is your honor cheap to you that much? and the honor of your family! You have a family that provides you a decent life as much as possible, and a father who literally suffers if a thorn hurt you. How can you devalue yourself in this way?”

“Don’t you see how this pig said bluntly: ‘She is my girlfriend,’ just the friend of anyone who considers her a tool to fulfill his dirty desires.”

The girl listened to me silently, looked at the young man who was afraid just like a mouse.

Then I mentioned in these moments the reason for the illusion of this girl! I said to the girl: “The series and dramas that you see on the media are nothing but deception and embellishment of corruption and adultery, there is no friendship between a foreign man and woman, and it is not permissible to have an illicit relationship in the name of love! It is not permissible to be alone, nor to go out with a foreign man which may include touching and prohibitions. All this may lead to adultery, and whoever really loves you knocks on your house asking for your hand officially ( in a halal way), and does not come from roundabout ways and entertains you for free, he does not bear the responsibility of keeping and maintaining you as a good wife.”

“Those who describe their relationship with friends and girlfriends in movies that go viral in a studied and large way, earn millions for the filth they show, but what do you get from letting this rabid dog reach you?”

Then I saw the duty to tell her about her parents, their trust in her, which she spoiled with betrayal and indifference.

I said to the girl, “Your father becomes at his worst, anxious if you are late for home, he becomes restless and countless thoughts come to his mind: is she okay, has anything hurt her, has anyone done a bad thing to her, or is she safe?”

“The same father who works day and night so that you can be safe and live a decent life, safe from all evil ….. In the meantime, he thinks his beloved daughter is studying, but here you are with this boy disobeying Allah in secret.”

I felt really bad and finally asked her to go home. Then I went down and when the young man didn’t move, I went back to see what had happened to them, and I saw them coming out from that place.

I asked the girl who was a meter or so behind me (I wasn’t looking at her) in which class are you studying? and she said the tenth grade (15 to 17 years old).

I felt like crying and I was very sad for that girl by Allah.

Just one day before this incident, there was a man who said “Hijab is not important and so on… Girls who wear the niqab have immorality in some of them”.

“I felt very angry because we consider our sisters who wear the niqab to be chaste and pious, and we usually judge the purity, chastity and modesty of women by the way they dress, and we consider those who don’t do it in the best possible way to have lacked the most important thing that adorns the female, her modesty and chastity. Therefore, I rebuked him by saying: “Some people watch filth all day and then bark at the niqab because it suffocates them, because it deprives them of free pleasure that they do not have the right to enjoy, it already deprives them of courtship and also deprives them of infringing on the honor of Muslims.” “Our virtuous sisters who wear the niqab will not talk to a rabid man…”

But, my sister, the situation is very terrifying, and they mock the niqab and hijab and say that they know the situation of women behind the niqab and hijab. And yet I reproach them in the most lethal way possible. But this painful reality must be addressed.

And for me I think the reasons are:

Hormonal changes and lack of guidance.

Lack of self-esteem among Muslim girls.

The desire to integrate.

The innocence of some sisters when they talk to young men who seem religious because they use terms such as “May Allah reward you my sister”, “May Allah bless you”, “You have knowledge, Masha Allah”, compliments in a religious form, invitations and other phrases that show good faith and safety.

 Not fearing Allah Almighty.

The influence of Turkish drama or any other dirty series in this regard.

Weakness of jealousy between men, especially brothers. What kind of man is he who tells his 15-year-old daughter that her cousin is her brother!? And it’s okay for them to meet or deal without piety!

The effect of bad company.

The truth is that the succession of water droplets on a rock at one point leads to its cracking and breaking…!

Someone will say:

“Oh don’t be silly, they are just like our sisters.”

“Oh, don’t you get bored of being away from everyone? We are also Muslims, maybe we are not committed, but we are Muslims.”

“Don’t involve religion in everything, touching, talking, joking with boys, mixing with good faith and intention, it is not necessary to make it ugly…. This is normal and happens in our time and even with those who are committed.”

I pondered on the scenes and found easy and free access to the daughter of Islam, who did not enjoy religious immunity, pious awareness and parents who protect her from danger, and underestimated her value by following the steps of Satan like the evil girls of the West.

Parents must look at who their daughters are spending time with, otherwise the daughters of Islam will be completely broken by men who only care about themselves, and this is a sign of the weakness of the Ummah of Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).

I felt really bad for that girl by Allah because she was from a Muslim family, where liberal father would not ask his daughter to wear the hijab. Nevertheless, she fell into the trap.

May Allah guide her and protect all the daughters of Islam.

Sorry I tried to cut short a lot.” The brother’s message ended, may Allah reward him.

Inevitable pauses

In this story conveyed by the message, we see three agreeable truths:

The first: is the degree of lawlessness experienced by Muslim men and women and underestimating the guilt of having forbidden relationships in reality, leading to adultery.

Second: the pain that squeezes the heart of the committed Muslim who sees this manifestation of sin and strives to deny it, with indifference in the surrounding!

Third: the degree of demolition and the formulation of minds in the manner of series in relations between men and women, under the name of love, which made the forbidden accepted and sin has become veiled!

Now we turn to the reality of this girl who wears a hijab and seems to be from a Muslim family who wants the goodness of her daughter. what could lead her to surrender herself and her body to a man in such a place, in a corner of a port!

First: The weakness of faith and religious scruples, due to neglecting and marginalizing of faith education for the generations, and stuffing them with the duty of obtaining a certificate, even if it is for its sake that is forbidden even if the testimony itself is unbeneficial! The sanctification of “certificate” in our time has reached the point where people were fascinated by it, evaluated and appreciated, and put it ahead of religion and the ranks of science and literature.

Second: Easy access to the honor of Muslims, there is no fence of jealousy, the command of virtue and the prohibition of vice if the girl is not deterred by fear and hijab, there is supposed to be prohibition of vice at home and outside, which is fading in our societies because they are becoming senseless due to familiarizing such acts! 

Third: The relapse of concepts and the belief that love is the availability of haram, although halal is easy; a marriage contract is enough, and can make her and him happy while pleasing Allah Almighty, but haram is easier for a such young man and it is so according to what they learned from the series.

Fourth: Young people after puberty have high feelings of psychological and physical need for someone to feel secure with, if marriage is delayed for any excuse in societies crowded with temptations and open the door to corruption and haram and obstruct halal, we can imagine the degree of turning into adultery and how easy it will be! Therefore, everyone who fought marriage at an early age creates corruption in societies, as marriage exempts and helps in maturity and end the excuses. Also, all the disadvantages which are counted for early marriage has in return more advantages which make it an option and a solution.

Fifth: The continuation of mixing and an un-Islamic rule on Muslims, constantly encourages lawlessness and the preoccupation of men with women and vice versa, descends from the ceiling of high standards and pious choices, and everything becomes acceptable! And the enemies are advancing, cunning and screwing!

Sixth: The media and the series that formulated this girl and this young man and millions like them, a calamity in our time. They have portrayed them life panting behind desires and satisfying desires, and that the relationship must be forbidden! They did not tell them that man is a slave of Allah who straightens according to his law and enjoys halal and not haram, may Allah destroy series depicting for Muslims decadent societies in which there is no place for creation, custom or religion, in which women are permissible or rebellious under the pretext of progress and women’s freedom and so on from the ideas of deadly Westernization.

How Do We Solve Such a Problem, In a Reality that Is Not Governed by Sharia?

It can be solved from three paths:

First: Intensifying the role of preachers in creating awareness and providing faith education targeting men and women with preaching plans and fruitful strategies that require patience and certainty.

Second: Activating the command of virtue and the prohibition of evil and restricting those who profess sin by preaching and reminding them of Allah during their disobedience. This will leave a great impact.

Third: being keen to build clean and pious families, from the first day founded on piety, in which mothers are chaste believers racing to please Allah. In which fathers, men who hope for Allah’s mercy, do not go into the forbidden and magnify the violation of Allah’s sanctities, raise their children on the sanctities of religion and honor, so we establish pure and strong cells, which are a solid force in the nation.

Of course, what is not fully realized will not be fully left out!

At the same time, we cannot fail to emphasize the role of every Muslim man and woman inside his home, in creating continuous doctrinal and moral awareness, preserving and maintaining the symptoms of Muslims by endearing women to cover up and felling disgust of women who do not wear hijab, and vilifying everything that promotes disobedience and purifying homes from that as much as possible.

If the heart is not occupied with the truth, it will be occupied with evil, it is necessary to create awareness and employ energies in promising Islamic projects, compete with good deeds, so that it does not return to what kills it and be an easy prey for temptation.

I encourage preachers and reformers to open programs for creating awareness, and institutional projects that occupy the generation by working for their religion and nation. Encouraging and facilitating marriage between righteous men and women and conducting courses for the success of family relations, and striving strongly in this direction to provide halal and push the haram away.

There are many details between the folds about the concept of the veil of the heart before the body, the concept of performing worship with an honest hear, with love, fear and hope. Adding to that, there are many details about the consequence of neglecting piety and underestimating Allah’s limits, and what is related to heart worship, honesty and fear. All this deserves attention and care in making change and reform.

If there is a piece of advice to conclude this article, it is to boycott series completely, create awareness of their destructive danger to generations, reveal their malice and truth, and produce programs that replace them, in which science, piety and everything that benefits people and promotes their interests. Even if it is entertainment, it is permissible entertainment.

Allah said

(إِنَّ الَّذِينَ فَتَنُوا الْمُؤْمِنِينَ وَالْمُؤْمِنَاتِ ثُمَّ لَمْ يَتُوبُوا فَلَهُمْ عَذَابُ جَهَنَّمَ وَلَهُمْ عَذَابُ الْحَرِيقِ)

which means: (Indeed, those who have tortured the believing men and believing women and then have not repented will have the punishment of Hell, and they will have the punishment of the Burning Fire).

There is no doubt that the one who seeks to protect the believers from temptation is in the position of a mujahid for the sake of Allah and in the position of teasing the disbelievers in our time, so he should prepare himself as much as possible, magnify trust in Allah and be an example, the best example for the generations after him. Allah is our protector, whereas the disbelievers have no protector.

Translated by Aya and Yasmine

The original article in Arabic

مشهد مؤسف من الواقع: تشخيص وحل

An Unfortunate Scene from Reality: Diagnosis and Solution -pdf-

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